Monday, July 16, 2012

Here we are in the middle of July...

This is an excellent place to be. In time, that is. A critical "halfway" point in US Summertime. A good "setpoint" to take a few deep breaths, see where we've been and where we're going.

A few interesting articles you may want to check out, appearing in the morning newspapers and blogs:

That "late blight" thing is the scariest - I pulled up ONE of the many tomato plants in my garden that was showing symptoms of blight (that was on Friday evening) - so far the rest seem to be (knock on digital wood) doing fine.

I'm now officially satisfied that I opted to add "facebook comments" to the blog here, as the cap'cha boxes are getting more and more frustrating for readers (check out the foto below) - so "Social Comments" as they are now being referred to on some major newspaper websites, are "the way to go' at least for right now!

And speaking of blogs, I was RIGHT! When all the gurus were boo-ya over RSS I warned you that RSS renders your ads useless and doesn't show up in your hit counters! Suddenly, the gurus have figured out I was right and they are now advising every blogger to jettison RSS ASAP! My RSS links are still present and I may or may not take them down. Honestly, I've never pushed RSS but I do know I'm losing credit for hundreds of hits by visitors who ONLY read the RSS feed and never kiss this blog's URL!


Anonymous said...

it is getting quite difficult to 'prove you're not a robot' these days, but I'll do it as long as I can see out of my four eyes!

Anonymous said...


Roshan A said...

Though FBs commenting platform has its benefits I prefer not to use them. The thing is when we engage in active discussions on blogs or websites, we are getting a lot of exposure. So people (may be like-minded people) who see our comments may visit our profile and throw in a friend request. I don't want random people requesting friendship on my FB account.
But for many others FB comment system is a relief from all the captcha, email stuff!!

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