Monday, July 16, 2012

Here we are in the middle of July...

This is an excellent place to be. In time, that is. A critical "halfway" point in US Summertime. A good "setpoint" to take a few deep breaths, see where we've been and where we're going.

A few interesting articles you may want to check out, appearing in the morning newspapers and blogs:

That "late blight" thing is the scariest - I pulled up ONE of the many tomato plants in my garden that was showing symptoms of blight (that was on Friday evening) - so far the rest seem to be (knock on digital wood) doing fine.

I'm now officially satisfied that I opted to add "facebook comments" to the blog here, as the cap'cha boxes are getting more and more frustrating for readers (check out the foto below) - so "Social Comments" as they are now being referred to on some major newspaper websites, are "the way to go' at least for right now!

And speaking of blogs, I was RIGHT! When all the gurus were boo-ya over RSS I warned you that RSS renders your ads useless and doesn't show up in your hit counters! Suddenly, the gurus have figured out I was right and they are now advising every blogger to jettison RSS ASAP! My RSS links are still present and I may or may not take them down. Honestly, I've never pushed RSS but I do know I'm losing credit for hundreds of hits by visitors who ONLY read the RSS feed and never kiss this blog's URL!

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Anonymous said...

it is getting quite difficult to 'prove you're not a robot' these days, but I'll do it as long as I can see out of my four eyes!

Anonymous said...


Roshan A said...

Though FBs commenting platform has its benefits I prefer not to use them. The thing is when we engage in active discussions on blogs or websites, we are getting a lot of exposure. So people (may be like-minded people) who see our comments may visit our profile and throw in a friend request. I don't want random people requesting friendship on my FB account.
But for many others FB comment system is a relief from all the captcha, email stuff!!

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