Sunday, July 01, 2012

LIANE MEMBIS ::: Burning MORE Bridges

Background: Dave Lucas: Liberette's Liane Membis #limembo ::: Burning Bridges and Dave Lucas: Liane Membis #limembo ::: Liberette?

She's been called a liar and a thief - she's already burned a few bridges - Liane Membis is now backing away from the online magazine based on design and content that was allegedly stolen from Liberette UK!

This just in: Blogger Libbyx said...

Check out the , it's now calleed "bauce" and the twitter account has shut down too.
Nice work Dave. Best Wishes, Liberette UK

3:03 PM, July 01, 2012

Her FACEBOOK page is gone as well ...
Here's how Ms. Membis' Liberette website looks at 8:30pm Sunday July 1 - notice she neglected to "wash off" one reference to her LiberetteMag! (See how the online mag looked a few days ago by clicking right here!)
To enlarge the image below, mouseover and click.

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Anonymous said...

Dave -

Young people these days have grown up with the belief that everything is "free" and content is low-hanging fruit. I'm sure this Membis woman had no concept that what she was doing was "wrong" wither when she made up articles for the press or when she copied directly from an established website.

Look at all of the "music sampling" and direct copying of text published on the internet.

Her only fault was that she got caught by jealous people with time on their hands. So what if she embellished her news? Is it really that awful that she used another website as a model for her own? I would be thrilled if someone copied my site!


Anonymous said...

looks like her site is totally vacated now

J said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dave Lucas said...

The comment above links to an open letter to Ms. Membis from an award-winning journalist.

Please identify yourself properly when leaving a comment, or just be "anonymous" if you must!


Anonymous said...

She is a disgrace to all honest young women of color.

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