Friday, July 20, 2012

SEO Browser Download : Cheap Way to Boost Your Website Visibility

One thing that always bugs me is when someone representing himself/herself as an "expert" gives advice but fails to provide a link.

This happened to me as I was checking out a tweet issued by dragonblogger headlined "Cheap Ways to Boost Your Website Visibility" - The tweet points to a blog with a July 20, 2012 post written by one Heather Higgins, who fails to provide a URL for the #1 "tip" in the article - perhaps HH is just being "cheap" herself in not wishing to share a URL?

There's more to it than that! Hoping to catch a little SEO fever herself, HH must have determined there were some valuable keywords in the paragraph about "SEO Browser."

Turns out the recommended program is actually a browser extension and not as easy to find as one might think - but I FOUND IT FOR YOU - it is downloadable HERE - BUT there is ONE "catch" - a requirement that you are running the FIREFOX browser! (HH "forgot" to mention that!)
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