Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Blog Gurus Set Their Sights On Twitter

The "blog gurus" have been quiet for a little while. That usually means they're cooking up something new - something that eventually will ruin a technique or service by slowly destroying people's faith and trust in it. Meet their latest target: twitter!

I'm sure you'll be seeing this pop up on those "super"blogger blogs very soon! They're already scheduling webinars, seminars, and producing videos on how to snooker people via twitter.

The pitch goes like this:
"If you have more time than money you
can earn credits by selectively retweeting and following other users.

If you have more money than time, buy credits inexpensively
to have influencers tweet your best content.
So you're BUYING tweets, right? The gurus have a warped thought process, because THEY then say:
"You are NOT buying retweets ~ you are making what you have to offer
more visible to those who CHOOSE to share them with their audiences."
er... um... yeah, right!

And the FIRST SHEEPLE TO COMMENT has already weighed in:
"I’ve been using this social media site called the Twitter, at first I didn’t know what is the main purpose of retweets, I am glad that you have shared this information that I can use."(TRANSLATION: I'm a willing pawn for you!)
MORAL OF THE POST ::: paying bloggers off to tweet about you or your crappy ebook (or inducing them to tweet by dangling the carrot of a 'contest' in front of them) is like priests selling souls "places in heaven" on the steps of the Vatican during the Middle Ages. But hey, it's YOUR money --- and that's what they're really after. Never mind the damage that will eventually undermine faith in twitter to the point where intelligent people won't believe things they read anymore!
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Anonymous said...

re: "FIRST SHEEPLE TO COMMENT" - looks like a "plant" to attract commenters and fool even more people

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