Thursday, August 02, 2012

Blog Income Report (Bloggers' #1 Mistake!)

Some of you are NOT going to like this post. Too bad! Bitter medicine it is; think of it as a pill that could save your digital life.


Whether you like to brag or you're just plain stupid, heed these words! The whole reason popular blogmeister Hesham Z almost lost his entire blogging empire was because he gave TOO MUCH INFORMATION away! Like the nut who posts picture of himself committing crimes on Facebook, or the politician uploading pics of his weiner to twitter, this kind of behavior will come back and bite you badly!

Looks like Kikolani has been reading my blog... I am honored to have inspired blogger Kristi Hines so much as she expanded an article I published in 2010 entitled "tweet like a rock star" which she used as a blueprint for a post of her own, entitled 40+ Tips on How to Become a Social Media Rock Star on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. I offered a comment on her article:

"Kristi! ... I would recommend NOT connecting or interlinking social networks. Sharing too much information, especially across many platforms is asking for trouble. I would also add, for the benefit of BLOGGERS attempting to or thinking they can become "social media rockstars" - DO NOT publish "blog income reports' or anything revealing how much money your blog is making (or not making) - these kinds of posts are akin to putting a glass jar full of cash in the front window of your house. Sure, the doors are locked, but the night is long, and you can't keep an eye on the jar while you're sleeping!'

I wrote all that with the Hesham Zebida Incident in mind...

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  1. Also ad companies don't like posting earnings in exact figures on blogs. I've seen some popular bloggers say that their blog makes "5 figures" or six but they don't put the exact amount.

  2. @Roshan A - thanks for reading - I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing THAT information. I believe that if you can make money blogging, good for you! There is no need to brag about it and display info that could get you into trouble, which is exactly what happened to Hesham and - he made himself a target and they hacker was certain Hesham would fork over big bucks to get his domains back.

    I'm planning on a post about SELF-hosting in the near future, for those folks who insist they can't survive on a platform like blogger or tumble.

  3. Your main point seems to argue that those posting income reports are either doing it to brag or are "just plain stupid". I'd argue they're not mutually exclusive...sometimes I brag AND I'm acting stupid! :-)

    Seriously, though, there are probably other reasons/benefits you seem to be missing...wouldn't you agree? Being transparent has led to others offering suggestions, improvements, etc. that they might not have been able to do otherwise, not knowing exactly what we're doing right, what we're doing wrong, etc. It also holds us accountable in a very public way and shows others what's working, what's not, etc.

    You go on to argue that sharing information or putting yourself "out there" can get you in trouble or cause you problems. It's an interesting point...but being authentic has done wonders for our business. I recently wrote about it in a post here:

    I would argue that the benefits far outweigh the downside when it comes to being open/transparent. I like the post from Derek Sivers about resisting the temptation to punish everyone for the mistake (or potential attack) of the few:

    Anyway...hope that gives a good alternative viewpoint!

  4. @Justin I can see your point- I wouldn't be comfortable sharing income info, but that's just me...


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