Friday, August 24, 2012

Blog Income Report December 2012

"I made $100,000 last month." ~ you, in your wildest blogging dreams

Wouldn't you love to join that elite group of bloggers who beat their breasts and pat themselves on the back each and very month as they share their blog's monthly earnings report with their readers?

I may not be able to get you up to six-figures. Maybe not even three. But I do have a couple of great ideas how to leverage your blog traffic thru some techniques that have worked for me.

(1) Stats (if you use Google stats, you're in business, but others will suffice) - investigate which articles you've posted have drawn the most traffic over the past 7, 14 or 30 days. Then, examine each individual post.

What do you have there that keeps search engines or readers or whatever bringing people to that unique URL? Is it a photo or other image? A keyword? A mention on another blog, forum, website or social network?

(2) Social Media and email signature ::: you should have your blog's URL placed in the signature of every email that goes out from any of your accounts. You should be displaying your blog URL on your twitter header and on your facebook or LinkedIn page. Is there a new website in your community that is spreading news? A lot of new "online local papers" have popped up - take a look at this one...

(3) Offline advertising and PR ::: Spend a few dollars, pounds or pesos and take out an ad in your local newspaper or weekly - I'm sure your community has a small indie paper - it can be a line ad (classified) or a small display ad. Use your online skills to design an ad the paper can use!


If you are an Entrecard user, you may be familiar with blogs that publish a "top ec droppers" list every month (some publish one that continually updates). They're missing the "pot of gold" that waits at the end of the EC rainbow. Go into your EC dash, click on "more stats" and look for "Top clicks by widget" and "Best value by widget" - the top performers on these two widgets are places you should channel a few advertising dolars toward!These are the blogs sending you traffic - these are the blogs where you should continually place your EC widget or other ad - you might want to contact the blog owner directly and see if you can work out a deal.

Having typed all that, please pay attention to this: do NOT publish a "monthly earnings" or "blog income report." While you may dazzle (or not) your readers, you're also asking for trouble! HERE'S WHY!

Ana Hoffman’s Best Traffic Posts via Traffic Generation Cafe:

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Alain said...

Very useful information. Thank you!

Mike@EarningForever said...

Awesome post Dave! Thanks for the traffic-leveraging tips! I am currently at the three figures per month mark, but I'm sure that these tips will allow me to get to four figures per month!

Dave Lucas said...

@Mike - thanks for stopping by!

Readers: check out Mike's blog HERE.

I'd also like to hear from anyone else on the subject of blog monetization.

M-cash@ Earn Money said...

You have just said it all, and you are doing absolutely well with this blog.

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