Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blogger's "Henhouse" Ravaged by Spam "Foxes"

I am astonished to see that a "model blogger" has made a major bungle - I discovered it by accident...

...when I recognized some spammers names appearing in comments on a recent "guest post" on one of Kiesha Easley's blogs! Tsk! Tsk! Ms. Easley not only put her own blog at risk, but the blogs and/or websites of her readers, who could possibly click themselves into a major computer infection!

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I have saved to file the webpage comments as they appear August 30 2012 at 7:29pm New York time - in the event this post makes Kiesha do a little editing (and I hope she does!) - This is what happens when you leave things to automation - from right off the bat, "commenters" got wind that "nobody is home" at - so, of course, with the door wide open, they barged right in! They zeroed in on THIS POST...

Are You Kidding Me, Kiesha?

Trusting automation not the only thing blogger Kiesha did wrong! Hit up any of the spams on her blog and you are GONE!!! That's a HUGE no-no! Ideally, when a reader clicks on a link in a comment, it should open in a new window and NOT "disconnect" the reader from the website! Viruses and trojans are spread this way, for hevvinsake! And it shocks me - Kiesha Easley is well-known and respected among bloggers!Coincidentally, email from Kiesha's site when a new comment appears bears the originating address information "" - which is a religious blog. Who knows, maybe the site does email work for other bloggers? Anyway ---

Here's a case of Comments Gone Wild - way off topic on a major website! Take A Look!!!

I love my blogspot! COMMENTS ARE CUSTOMIZABLE! If you use blogspot and want to adjust your "comments" settings, do it now before the old blogger interface is gone forever! HERE'S HOW!!!

I have also made FACEBOOK COMMENTS available here for you!

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Kiesha said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks for pointing out spam that needed to be dealt with. And while another blogger might feel embarrassed or bothered by your "tsk tsks", I can honestly say that I am not. As a human being who has a life, other responsibilities to deal with, I just don't have time to manually moderate every comment that comes through. Maybe if I only got a couple a day, yeah, that would be different. But do you know how many comments I have to wade through everyday? Sometimes I catch the spammers and sometimes I don't. But obviously, most savvy bloggers can spot spam a mile a way and won't bother to click any of their links in the first place. The only other option would be to turn comments completely off - but would that really fix the problem? No. But glad to know that you're able to successfully block out all spammers.

Dave Lucas said...

Hi Kiesha!
Thanks for checking in! I know what you mean about spammers - I took capcha off just to see what would happen - now averaging hundreds of spams a day ( thankfully they all go into blogspot's little spambox!) that I have to run through just in case a legit comment appeared.

Readers: the screenshot from Kiesha's blog has mysteriously vanished... or has it?

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