Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cloud-based Antivirus Software

Finally - the "Cloud" is good for SOMEthing?

Y'all know how much I despise the whole "cloud computing" concept.

Well, for ONCE, the cloud may actually be beneficial, but in this ONE SCENARIO ONLY!

Panda is offering a FREE centrally managed antivirus. I'm giving it a go. But my beloved Malwarebytes and Avast aren't going anywhere!

My current antivirus spends considerable time each day updating definitions - Malwarebytes checks for and asks permission to download updates whenever I execute the file: Security threats are continually evolving, and any solution you are employing must download the latest updates to protect your computer.

In the case of a cloud-based antivirus, proponents claim virus definitions are updated seamlessly and immediately for all of those utilizing the software.

WARNING!!! I will continue to recommend keeping an "old-fashioned" AV program on your PC or laptop. If a virus or trojan strikes and disables your internet connection capabilities, you won't be able to contact the cloud AV for assistance. That's called "screwed."

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austinbreath said...

As per my perspectives this software is very useful for the peoples to update their system with the help of cloud based anti virus. It claims definition of virus is well.

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