Sunday, August 19, 2012

Entrecard PR, Googlebots, AdSense and Scraper Blogs

Blogs featuring a layout like this (most of them are WordPress blogs)one can not only carry viruses back to your computer, they can damage your blog's ability to earn money by sabotaging your good standing with search engines and advertising services! Have a look at the blog and then look at where it "borrowed" copy from! Could this be PLR?

Scraper blogs are again showing up on entrecard - most have the same theme and layout you see in the example above. A friend of mine who works one of the big search engines emailed me a warning about these types of blogs: (mouseover and clcik on the image below to better read the chilling news it brings)
So you see: Bots can be dangerous! case in point: In March I received a DMCA Takedown (copyright violation) notice on an old post dating back to 2007.

The notice came as a result of a link I had placed in the sidebar to a live radio station stream, which happened be playing a song that I mentioned on the post at the exact moment a "sniffer bot" passed thru my URL!

The bot thought I was streaming the song illegally - so I took both the post and the link to the radio station down!

Before you go back to wherever you were, I invite you to read this post from early in the year which will give you background and additional information to help you survive the battle against bots! Mouseover and click on the image below to read the complete article! Take notes! ;)

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Chinmay said...

Very enlightening as well as frightening article. Thanks for the insight.

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