Thursday, September 06, 2012

Blog Commenting Software... a HUGE waste of time and effort!

Most of your comments will either be caught and deleted. Some search-engines are now capable of recognizing blogs that deliver "spam comments" to other blogs and push them WAY DOWN in search results!

Are "comments" overrated? Are comments important or not? Let's take a look!It seems the debate will forever rage on about "comments" and their klout (if any) and effectiveness (if any) for both blogs and newspaper/magazine websites.

I have left comments with web links back to my blog (that were approved, comment + link) that appeared in what many would consider "high profile" URLS: among them, and the New York Times. This is within the last 7 days... in going through sitemeter and Google tracking reports I was surprised to see how LITTLE traffic these links actually generated. (1) They were not "buried" with hundreds of other comments and (2) I would think anyone interested in the original articles I commented on would have followed through, if even for a landing page second, to view my link. Apparently, such was not the case.

So how valuable are these comments? Well, they may possibly impact SEO and PR in the future. That's all.

A reader/blogger left a comment for me on Thursday morning which I responded to - unfortunately the possibility of continuing any meaningful dialog with that individual was stymied by his commenting system - Disqus. Here's a little screengrab for ya:
I would recommend if you are on Facebook, even if you don't use it that much, you do what I do: sign in to Facebook as soon as you jump online. A lot of sites (including this humble weblog) are now using the "Facebook Comments" system. I added it as an experiment after reading how other blogs and websites found it valuable in eliminating comment spam. It shall remain, along with the built-in blogspot commenting infrastructure, which I am so glad I've kept intact over the years. It has been quite reliable, and unlike Haloscan (which I had as an alternate commenting option for several years), it's not likely to be discontinued or overhauled into some crappy "pay" model!
BONUS:::The major internet players are running AWAY from comments!

"run your own analysis on your traffic and determine exactly how many people are scrolling down the page to read comments. Then figure out how much you’re spending to maintain comment communities that are civil, vibrant, and not an embarassment sitting just below your own work. I bet once you run all the numbers, you’d discover you’d be saving money simply by not having comments at all. (You’d probably save a bundle on therapy for authors alone.)" ~ ANIMAL

Hang on, bloggers! There is a better way:
Handling Negative Comments

Your blog is your home. You can do with it what you like.

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  1. Google gives less weight to links in comments, and aged posts that have established PR have more value for the backlink, the comment also has to be DoFollow.

    Like it or not, Blogspot has one of the worst commenting systems for SEO value, as does the Facebook commenting system for different reasons.

    Still, you can't expect comments to provide too much benefit for SEO, they are more for visibility to readers, to show engagement, attract someone's interest with your useful, insightful, witty or entertaining comment to where they may follow your site back to learn more about you or what you represent.

    I use comments strictly as a tool to engage and communicate with readers, some commenting systems provide better/more engagement. For those who want to comment for the SEO benefit of dofollow link, a comment system like CommentLuv does a good job rewarding them for doing some extra promotion of your article, LiveFyre lets you share those comments directly to Social Media and read in comments from Twitter/Facebook fanpage directly into your blog post to show interactions that happened about the article even if the interactions didn't happen on the post itself.

    There are reasons to use alternative commenting systems, but all are optional and never required, the benefits are questionable for all.


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