Thursday, September 13, 2012

DisqusT! (Comment for Kyle!)

Dave Lucas

Hey Kyle!

Leaving comments is one thing – making them “stick” is another! As recently as yesterday i was unable to leave a blogger a comment via Disqus – which kept saying I had to authenticate my name and email addy (even though it was displaying my gravatar) but gave no instructions or indications how to accomplish taht. Yup – I filed a “report” with Disqus – of course, they haven’t responded. I am DisqusTed!

As much as nobody likes to “register” for comments – that darn cap’cha makes it even more difficult. I just restored it to my blog this morning after an overwhelming 493 spam comments were trapped by blogspot’s built-in detector!

One flaw with your advice – if I leave a “short and simple” comment – some blogs will tell me “Your comment has been flagged as possible spam.” But if go back and add XXXXXXXXXXXXXX a bunch of X’s and O’s… BINGO! My comment is now “waiting for approval.” (And of course it doesn’t get published because of all theh X’s and O’s!)

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Dave Lucas


I tried to leave a comment today on another post on FamousBloggers but was prevented from doing so, so here is my comment!
Hey Dustin!

CONTRARY to what you've heard - everything on the net is NOT always "forever saved" - one of my blogs that contained over a thousand posts and 5 years work was taken down by blogger after some idiot complained it was "spam." There is NO TRACE of that blog left - not even the internet waybac machine has anything on it - and I can think of more blogs that ended up this way.

There are also ways to "scrub" the net clean - I know a woman who was able to get all of the "bad" stuff off the web to the point where you could not even find her PICTURE - not on ephoto - even though she had worked as a television reporter! (And this was BEFORE services like entered the arena!)

The point being that "someone" really is controlling all that archiving - and of course we all know if ever a "pulse" bomb explodes over North America - the servers - and all of that data that supposedly will "live forever" - will be GONE GONE GONE!

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