Friday, September 21, 2012

Sept. 21 ::: EntreCard Still Dark [Update]

EntreCard Down For The Count?

Call For Help (UPDATE 9.21.2012)

 Thanks to commenter "John" I sent out a tweet to @phirate aka Richard Clark, who is Entrecard’s founding developer, based in New Zealand. Not sure if he's up at this hour (nighttime there) but it's worth a shot.

In 2009, EntreCard founder Graham Langdon sold EntreCard Inc. to ZipRunner Inc., which kept Clark on in some capacity. This morning I had to remove my widget, which I promise will be back in place as soon as EC is up and running again (if it ever does get up and running again). I was IM'd by some readers that the failure of the widget to load was freezing my blog on their devices.

ANYONE WITH EC NEWS please leave it in in my comments section, or if you are logged into Facebook you can automatically comment without going thru that horrible cap'caha process!

 No word from EC (UPDATE 9.20.2012) Going into the second or third day (4th according to of the EC outage, I'm surprised nobody is blogging about it, except for Golch, who mentions taking the widget off his blog for the time being... and Comedy Plus blog, which posted this notice: "Removed the Entrecard script so my website will open quicker." The Blog That Am is recommending an alternative to Entrecard.

 Previously Entitled ::: EntreCard Dark This Morning (Sept. 19) The EC server is apparently offline - perhaps due to a weather outage? Some netizens have noted they believe the EC system has been on 'autopilot' for some time. It is now 0612 Eastern here in NY - I notice the EC widgets are not appearing on any of the blogs I usually visit, so let's "wait and see!"

Beyond the EC incident this morning, I see blogger/blog*spot/Google has now officially forced the new Blogger interface upon us. It CAN be dealt with, I assure you!

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John said...

It's been offline for at least 16 hours... It's a bit of a pain because I buy ads at the right time/price to run when my new post goes up, which happens to be today :-(

Mary Uka said...

Maybe we should all takedown our widgets and move on

Dave Lucas said...

Hey Yola - if you stop by - you'll see I have placed the Link referral widget right beneath the EC widget. Question now is: how long before we know the fate of EC?

joetaxpayer said...

I had EC running on multiple sites, and when they go down, it makes the load times awful. Pulled the code off for now, but really EC, not even a tweet to say you're working on this?

John said...

If you send a tweet to @phirate, he'll probably fix it. I'm just curious how long it'll be broken before someone notices.

The EC market (on seems to have disappeared. And what happened to the support group on Yommy?

Anonymous said...

Entrecard does this every once in a while... Sometimes it lasts a couple of days until someone finally gives the server a kick :-(

Dave Lucas said...


Thanks - I sent out that tweet!

Pearl said...

This is so sad. Hope there will be another way for us bloggers to update each other. EC rocks! it really helps increase traffic on my blog, plus I got to know a lot of bloggers bec of EC.

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