Saturday, September 22, 2012

Entrecard Refugees Welcome Here!

Greetings to all of you readers, new and old, and especially "entrecard refugees!"

I have gone ahead and bookmarked some of the blogs I once visited daily via the EC widget. As I hinted in a previous post, I would love it if you "bookmark me back" - and use my blog as a portal to go to other places. I'm actually thinking of bringing back a modest blogroll!

Technology is changing fast these days. I received an invite to join - it is a place where som eof the former entrecarders are trying to reconnect. It is performance-based, but that's ok with me since I am a broadcast jouranlist / blogger / poet / internet personality. By the way, it was my old friend Lance Matthews who coined the term "internet personality!"

Through The Blog Herald I found out that photo-tagging suggestions have been disabled. I had a facebook friend who was continually photo-tagging me: I almost let the bitch have it but found a way to block her from doing so (I don't remember now how I did it, and thankfully she was the only facebooker who bugged me that way!) Another "by the way" - I'm on facebook but I keep a low profile there - same as LinkedIn - tools I use more for career and close friends than general public. Hey, that's what this blog and twitter are for!

I logged into MySpace for the first time in a zillion years - I have some changes to make in the layout and I plan to slowly re-establish my presence there!

I read on where Pandora supports a a new performance royalty bill that would put rate levels for Internet radio on a par with cable and satellite radio. If newspapers actually die out in 10 years, I give terrestial radio 20. 25 max. Well, that's all for now - I have some reading to do, but I will be online for another hour or two.
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John said...

I wonder how much money people lost... Advertisers who bought ads with $ (there were a few left), bloggers who paid not to display $ ads...

MsCleanslate said...

It's taken me a few days to track down the news that Entrecard is kaput. *sigh

Onwards and upwards, right?

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