Friday, September 21, 2012

Farewell Entrecard, RIP
Richard Clark shares the Entrecard story on his blog ::: " July 2009, the site was sold to Ziprunner. My services transferred across for the purposes of maintenance and some development. At the time of the sale, it was pushing well over a million widget views and ad impressions a day, had a five-digit user-base, and the credit economy was in the millions. A few days ago, in September 2012, my monitoring system indicated Entrecard had stopped responding. When I checked the system it was completely down. I sent a query to the owner and they made the decision to let it stay that way. An amazing experiment that touched the lives of thousands of bloggers across the internet had come to an end. While Entrecard never became Facebook or Google, I have a special place for it in my heart." [LiNk]

Thanks to commenter "John" (via this post) I sent out a tweet to @phirate aka Richard Clark, who is Entrecard’s founding developer, based in New Zealand. The reply was not good.

For every beginning there is an end.

"There’s a time to blog, and a time not to blog, a time to join Entrecard and a time to leave Entrecard."
I joined entrecard somewhere around November or December of 2009. I wrote a lengthy post about my decision to sign on with the network which you can view here, and I don't for one minute regret participating.

In recent days the service has been rather unsteady, at times interfering with bloggers' page loading. As far as I'm concerned, Entrecard not only served its purpose, but went above and beyond the "call of duty" in introducing me to a variety of blogs and bloggers!

Thank-you, Entrecard!

John Cow saw this day coming (indeed, for him, it came early in 2008):

The EC powerusers are so keen on getting becoming popular within the ranks of the community (people like Lady Java, Mariuca, et. al.), that they are working hard in chain dropping their cards on all EC blogs each day (some of them dropping 900 cards to support three seperate blogs each), just to accumulate more credits and inflating their own advertising prices. Emails keep getting send around, asking for drops, reccomendations and whatever else it is that will get you popular on the categories pages. (parentheses mine)
Its really not doing any good for anyone. The blogs that get their cards dropped on are experiencing an increase in bounce rates.

PS - don't think your comrades at EC will miss you. It was a loose confederation at best, nothing proved that better than Entrewas, itself now defunct.
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  1. Hiya Dave, I'm a Malaysian blogger.

    I dropped 1200 ecs a day using a script. I haven't visited a blog with an ec widget other than by chance since 2010. Most of us here in my country use the script. Now we can wash our hands clean.


  2. I guess it's time to do some house cleaning on my blogs.

  3. Entrecard was my number one source for ALL my global traffic - I'm devastated. I did actually drop every day, and try and leave comments. This is awful :(

  4. This is really a very sad news! Still hoping that somewhere, somehow, someone's gonna restore the site.

    Thanks for the info Mr. Dave!

  5. Thank you for keeping us updated.Thanks to Entre card,I came across some interesting blogs.:)

  6. your link was shared on the wall of fb friends I was sad also After Adgitize went down I depend on EC but the support don't respond to my query and that's the time I knew EC will follow Adgitize also

  7. Interesting, thanks for the info Dave I shall miss EC a lot but not the dropping heheh!

    Have a good weekend

  8. @Mike Golch - I'm with you on that. Taking a long hard look at my blog...

    @Jordache Kingston - EC for about a year was also my biggest source of global traffic - but those days were long gone - try adding LinkWithin to your blog and give it a few days to "prime" - good luck!

    FACEBOOKERS ::: as some of you entrecarders are already keeping in touch via FB, you see that the spirit ignited by entrecard lives on. Stay in touch with one another!

  9. Sorry to hear about the end of EC. I really enjoyed all the blogs I visited in my 4 years with them. Was sad I had not heard from them on this matter. But thank you for the info. I will miss the dropping. However as you stated in your other posts, all things must came to an end in the Blogger world. We look forward to newer and better options.

  10. That really sucks. Entrecard was a big source of my traffic. I was the second political blog under Entrecard and made some real good friends within that small community. Hopefully something will come about that matches its usefulness.

    Thanks for providing the info on my it's down.

  11. I had recently slacked off from doing the EC drops since Adgetize closed down, but I will still miss it. Many awesome blogs were discovered and many friends made along the way.

    I'm glad I made a list of EC blogs on my favorites. At least I won't lose track of everyone!

    RIP Entrecard!

  12. I've been looking for Entrecard this Sept. since I decided to blog again. But the website wasn't loading. I was thinking that perhaps it was because of my poor internet connection. Entrecard was a very good of source of traffic. I used to drop 300 ec's a day while commenting. This is very sad :(

  13. and now what? my blog's traffic is all dead, i don't know what to do, blogmad is done, blogexplosion is done, blogsoldiers, sigh...maybe it's time to quit blogging altogether

  14. I found your site looking for answers on why I couldn't access Entrecard. What a bummer! I really enjoyed Entrecard and would have LOVED to been able to save my contact blogs before losing touch all together. Some I can remember off the top of my head, but not many. So frustrating! Figures it folds right when I'm getting back into being active on my blog. (Took a little hiatus when we got the new little man in our family.) Thanks for writing this. There seems to be no real information out there on the subject.

  15. Like Tina Smith, I was looking for a reason why Entrecard was down when I googled your article.

    Like everyone here, I am going to miss entrecard. I still remember selling thousands of credits to an online reseller during the glory days of the program.

    Well, this goes to show that nothing lasts forever.

  16. Entrecard was fun way back when in the wild days when credits could be sold for $$$. What a rush!

  17. Looking back, it was a huge time suck.


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