Sunday, September 30, 2012

Liane Membis Sex Scandal?

Liane Membis is back - perhaps not of her own choosing... turns out the higher-than-thou goody-two-shoes beauty queen / reporterette turned content thief is the subject of yet another exposé on Ivy Gate... this time, Membis is, it seems, latching on to SEX as a "personal sales tool"... all we need now is for some Liane Membis nude photos to turn up or maybe a Liane Membis sex video! Tsk Tsk Liane! A long way down for one whose writings were featured on CNN, The Huffington Post and Ebony Magazine!

 via IVYGATE :::  the Yale Daily News published an involved fact-check of former reporter (and fired WSJ intern) Liane Membis ’12, raising many new questions about the veracity of Membis’s reporting, the paper’s ethical standards, and the leadership of embattled editor-in-chief Max de la Bruyère.
Focusing on Membis’s “reported pieces,” de la Bruyère mostly describes errors like quote-changing and creative paraphrasing. In the last two paragraphs, however, he discusses a 2009 article in which Membis brags about the “expensive meals,” “liquor,” and “hotel accommodations” she accepted from her “sugar daddy”: an older, married manager at an unpaid summer internship.

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Anonymous said...

You need to stop posting about this girl. You can be sued for slander and defamation. There is no sex scandal and what you're writing are complete lies.

Dave Lucas said...

Hi Liane! Nice to hear form you - I see by my statmeter that you contributed this comment! Well, I didn't write anything - IvyGate did! I just asked a question. Good luck with the next beauty contest!

Dave Lucas said...

oops - from you - typo there

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