Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Rolling Stones 50

29 April 1965
Albany, New York Palace Theatre

The Rolling Stones mark 50 years together with the release of "GRRR!" The 3-CD greatest hits package (to be released November 13) will include two brand-new songs recently recorded in Paris, "Gloom and Doom" and "One Last Shot."

The collection will also include the Stones' first single, a 1963 cover of Chuck Berry's "Come On," and hoary old hits like — not surprisingly — "Satisfaction" and "Brown Sugar."

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Other Boys & their Bands

THE SAEPIANS ::: Back in 1961, Michael Laiacona was an ambitious 12 year old bass player/guitar player with boundless energy, playing in an Albany-Colonie band that would eventually cover the likes of Herman’s Hermits, Dave Clark Five and of course, the Beatles. Being a kid entailed having no money, but with youth came an imagination that had no limitations. Michael would spend countless hours tinkering with an old soldering gun and whatever electronic parts he could dig up, trying to create cool new sounds while teaching himself what would later become a calling. (Hmmm! Keith Richards explains in his book how he was doing the same thing around the time the Stones released "Satisfaction.") Mike and John Foley joined with a couple of other guys whose names escape me... but I'll never forget... The Saepians!

undefinedIn 1967, Mike Laiacona introduced me to Love's second album "Forever Changes" [EKL-74013] which is absolutely incredible, a masterpiece of a record - vastly underrated - that ranks near the top as one of the best recordings ever made.

THE GREY THINGS ::: They were the Shan-dels, piloted by Mike Olesko, Steve Colfer and the great Billy Cioffi. WTRY DJ Lee Grey took them under his wing. They made a record, which was a local hit but failed to take off nationally because Laurie Records had a limited promotion budget - and that money went toward a novelty song about Snoopy and The Red Baron...

THE CHORD-A-ROYS ::: An Amazing young band - Matt Murphy was the organist - Jimmy Rocco the drummer - Bernie Mulleda on guitar...
THE BOUGALIEU ::: Parker Kenendy III and his hippie band charted on WTRY - they could sometimes be found at Aunt Fanny's Garage...
And let's not forget THE RUINS!
...and also let's not forget another "garage band" from the same era but a different city - the GIRLS took their own special shot at the big time!

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