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Search Results Are The New First Impression

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Most of the advice you're getting from the blog gurus is wrong. It wasn't wrong a month ago or a year ago, but believe me, it is WRONG for this moment! (Like aggressively going after guest-posts) I'm going to share some stuff with you that I would usually keep to myself. In truth, I am conducting experiments. Let's call this article one of them, shall we?

When it comes to viral blogging, "The synergism is waiting for you to stumble upon it!" ~ Saki Tumi

It's digital storytelling that makes a good blog post emerge from a human mind. Everyone has the access to information that circulates on the Internet. - the differenece is in how one curates it, filters it, rewrites it, spins it - if done correctly you can take a major USA Today article and make it YOURS and actually rank above USA Today in Google and Bing - I've seen blogs do it!

If you are a true blogger, and not just a "marketeer" hawking some ebook or other item, you must think of your ideas as YOUR "product." I got this good advice from Kaiserthesage: it's worth a visit if you want to inject more positive thinking into your personal post-building process.

KTS is also big on "evergreen" content. Look in your stats for articles, posts, that you uploaded way back in time, but continue to attract a trickle of new readers almost every day. It is simply "informational or reference material that somehow never goes out of date." Look for some interesting tips on discovering who might be sharing your content when you visit this post. Too lazy to look? Ok, then check out the image below!Obviously, your post has a better chance of "popularizing" - getting picked up by other sources and search engines - if you can relate it to something people are already talking about.

Recognize and rise above limitations - example - I observed google to be a limitation - no google=no visitors - yes, that's bad!

I ran a little "experiment" on September 14, when news broke that some naked pictures of Kate Middleton had been published in a French magazine. Google has been the main source of traffic, but a few yahoos have joined in:

By 2pm, Yahoo and Bing were providing major traffic!
And by 8pm, I noticed that, as if my magic, Bing and Yahoo were now bringing me visitors via OTHER distinct keywords! Did I turn on a switch somewhere? Is it true what someone wrote that "...the more traffic you attract, the more traffic you'll have"? Did I venture into "dark territory" to accomplish my mission?

If rising above means going out of bounds, take the leap of faith. Filmmaker Woody Allen had a title, "Midnight In Paris." That's it. From those words he imagined a movie, which went on to become one of the most acclaimed motion pictures in his career.

Try to create as much original material as you possibly can. I read someplace that "The positive side of social media is that on many occasions there are self-correction mechanisms, where people tend to let others know when they find something wrong." With that in mind, remember that bloggers are viewed by many to be journalists, and journalists need to be active and always check who and where the sources are from, and disclose what they do not know openly.

Make your blog stand out - here are a few tips:

Avoid spreading misleading information - and don't be one of jackasses who tweets a link that links to another link that links to another link.

Did you know that taking 10 minutes to research phrases and using those phrases in certain ways can make the difference between an article that is read that day and an article that is discovered in search engines and read thousands of times over years?

Watch your blog stats carefully. Observe who is coming from where and what is attracting them.

Say you have a gaggle of visitors from the UK looking for Yarah Bravo between 6 and 10pm. British time - automate your post and corresponding promotional tweets to publish between 11am and 3pm NY time, so you'll hit England and Europe during the periods when more people are apt to be online.

Always keep your eyes open for new tools that can be used to leverage information. Sign up for new gizmos, gadgets and social media networks. When they are brand new and you get in "on the ground floor" you can pick that special user name/nickname/"hat" that you want people to know you by... it's your own personal BRAND, your "mark" on the interbeast!

Kill ANY popover(s) on your blog.

Ddevelop a comment policy - police comments religiously and strictly enforce it

and above all, remember "Search results are the new first impression." ~

Now go forth - get busy - ExPeRiMeNt! BE Diɟɟerent!
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meadowly said...

Whenever I try to search for news regarding Entre card..Your blog appears first on the search list ..Congrats:)

Dave Lucas said...

@meadowly - thanks - I used the steps ahred in these posts to help get there - my advice is always FREE - NSA!

The Twitterer said...

aWeSoMe AdVicE!

Dave Lucas said...

I just wanna know why my own spellchecker never works... once posted, I tend to leave things as they lie, incorrections and all... do YOU do that?

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