Sunday, September 30, 2012

EntreCard Effect

Some of the more popular sites on Entrecard once received 400+ visits a day!

One "popular" blog that displayed the EC widget is now down to an average 50 daily visits (from an average 250 a day prior to EC going offline)

As you can see by this screencut from that blog's statmeter, more than half of the daily visits are from the googlebot. This blogger should change settings so that the bot visits less often, as each of these visits effectively LOWERS the blog's standings in the search engine! One post that showed up yesterday on page 6 of Google is now on page 15 today. Unfortunately, the blogger in question is clueless, as is the fellow who ghost-writes her blog!

Blogger John Sealander understands exactly what happened, and takes it with a grain of salt: "There must have been a whole infrastructure built around the inflated traffic that blog communities like Entrecard, Adgitize, and CMF brought. Now that all three of these communities are gone, I think some of the blogs and bloggers and list makers who depended on these services are starting to disappear as well. Oh, well. It was probably all an illusion in the first place. I used to think I had over 400 regular readers every day. It was probably closer all along to the 40 that Google Analytics has been reporting recently. Easy come, easy go I guess. You can still add me to your next list though. Blogs that nobody reads might be a good category." [Complete article is here]

My traffic here at the Dave Lucas blog has actually tripled since the demise of EC - but I attribute that to LinkWithin and the Outbrain service that comes with it. In the last 18 months my incoming traffic from EC dropped to fairly regular 20 to 25 hits a day, since most of the bloggers in Malaysia and India used bots or scripts to artificially "drop" entrecards, they never appeared as visitors on my blog stats, although they showed up as traffic on the entrecard service graphs. (You can find their handiwork on youtube - if the videos still exist.)

Gaming the EC system happened almost as soon as the service announced 19 May 2008 it would allow bloggers to place "more than one blog" in the service. Many of the EC cheats have deleted their pages from the interwebs, although one can still find traces of references. (I am not going to name or link to these blogs, as I'm sure they are involved in some other scam by now). One cheater in the Philippines, explained the whole process away on her blog, as if to dismiss it and declare she did nothing wrong: "For a while now, I have been using a dropping facility that allows me to drop faster than I used to..." And of course her droplist included all of the same "recommended" bloggers who likewise cheated the system on a daily basis: one of the Malay gals admitted to "dropping 900 cards a day for my 3 blogs."

Another female blogger wrote that she felt "pathetically incomplete" if she did not make 300 drops a day for her 5 blogs! And then there were those fabled dropmasters...

Seriously, what fool would spend hours upon hours "dropping" - yes, you got that right - no one! Some of the cheat scripts and other tools were sold on forums for as much as $50 USD! Keep in mind that after 2008 when changes were made to EC and there no longer was any real "cash value," mass-dropping no longer served any purpose (unless it was automated), not like virtual gold, anyway!

Nonetheless, some are clamoring for the return of EC... others are doing fine...
"As I become more comfortable in the blogging world, I realize that daily traffic is not as important as having valuable content." ~ John Lottery

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I was searching through your blog looking for information about Outbrain and LinkWithin and found this post and one other that I will be referencing in a new post on ATB.

    However, I was quite surprised and honored to see that you had quoted me above. Thank you very much!

    Hope all is well and that you survived Hurricane Sandy.

    John Lottery

    PS: it is hard to read the Captcha word - but I understand its importance.

  2. @John Lottery ::: thanks for stopping by! Yup - cap'cha seems to have gotten worse to the point where even I have trouble with it!

    Meanwhile, outbrain is kicking ass, and I don't have to "drop" anything!

    Cheers and Blog On!


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