Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Spirit of Entrecard

I guess you could call this a "tribute post" - a sincere thank-you to the creators and developers who gave Entrecard life.
HAPPIER TIMES! In this 2007 photo: superblogger John Chow and Graham Langdon, original Entrecard CEO. Credit: Internet Marketer Ian Lee

First, I want to thank everyone who read my RIP Entrecard post and especially those who took time to comment.

Entrecard joins cmfads and adgitize in "digital heaven" - little networks that made a big difference for a lot of bloggers all over the world who otherwise might have felt isolated to the point of "giving up."

We still have our blogs: we have twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. Take advantage of these tools to stay in touch and keep your blogs vibrant. Of course the "usual rules" apply: update at least three times a week - more is better --- make your blog's comments section so that people can use it to communicate with YOU as well as amongst themselves...

Whoever came up with the code to add facebook comments, I salute you! It's easy to use, virtually spam-free, with no cap'cha, and it doesn't bog down/screw up computers like LiveFyre and a few other complicated commenting systems.

(I tried taking cap'cha off my comments - two hours later i had 145 spam comments!)

If you come here to my blog  on a regular basis, you'll connect with others:

  • via my twitter feed
  • via my sidebar blog recommends
  • via my facebook comments

and there are various ways you can reach out to me: I'm always here for you. I'm not on the net 24/7 (although sometimes it seems like I am) but I will always get back to you.

HELP ME OUT ::: anything you can suggest to make this blog "better"? Let me know!

For those of you wondering how to cope after losing EC, perhaps you could start by adding your twitterfeed up high on one of your blog's sidebars. Then go ahead and roll out Facebook Comments, especially if YOU are active on the Social Network.

Look in my sidebar to search "blog gurus" and please read ALL of my posts about them so that you will come to understand why you should always be wary of any "advice" they give.

TRAFFIC OBSERVATIONS ::: (Monday 9/20) I noticed the LinkWithin widget bringing additional "hits" from several different IP addresses in different countries. Cool! I'm concentrating more on writing for my specific following (of course the world is welcome!) and less on the sheer number of visitors - it's the old quality vs. quantity argument, blog-applied.  (Tuesday 9/21) LinkWithin has REALLY picked up! It's only 7:30pm and I have nearly triple the number of avaerage hits!
In comments, Jordasche Kingston said...
Entrecard was my number one source for ALL my global traffic - I'm devastated. I did actually drop every day, and try and leave comments. This is awful :(
Take a look at this screengrab from my blog stats so far today, SIX HOURS into a new day:

POSTING ::: I'm getting more comfortable using Raven in the event the old blogger interface disappears forever. (WHICH IT DID THIS WEEK: LOOK HERE!) I'm also striving for as much original content in the way of photos and images so as to avoid any copyright issues.

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Lucky Lady said...

I am sad they took it off but I hope to stay in touch with other bloggers I have a few on my side bar thanks for the info

Sandra Rose Hughes said...

I made quite a few friends on Entrecard and enjoyed my experience with them. As you point out, it gave me confidence to keep going when it felt like I was alone. Thank you for the tips on how to cope without it.

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