Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Tweaking Blogger While I Await The Curse of The New Interface

I'm starting this post off using "Deepest Sender" - it looks like I may need to save some text files bearing certain bits of code if I am going to rely on DS for posting to blogspot. This is assuming the new interface is the only way to work on my blog otherwise. From my past experience with the interface, it is not something I'm looking forward to. I'm going to have to figure out how to insert images. I think I may need the actual "path" to do that: something to work on when I have more time... There's a button to "set colour of selected text"...

Now I'm using RAVEN - I see that I am able to open a previous post for additional editing - a good thing... Raven offers a more standard way of inserting an image... (see below!)


This is a screengrab of Raven updating to include previous posts and other info from my blog -material I will be able to access OFFLINE! Way cool!

There are XHTML features and other buttons I have yet to tinker with - I'm going to republish this post and the finish it off from the old beloved soon-to-die (hopefully not) Blogger Interface... and keep in mind I am doing Deepest sender and Raven via Dial-Up on my old faithful WinME Computer! It is just as fast as broadband when using these two wonderful tools!

Powered by Zoundry Raven

small PROBLEM : I had to go in and resize the image h255xw410 ... Raven allows one to add the following:

  • Categories (Labels)
  • Upload only thumbnail images (I may try that next time I post)
  • Ping (A variety of services)
  • Tag Sites - must investigate this one a little further
  • Trackbacks
  • Tagwords (not sure what this one does - yet)

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