Sunday, October 21, 2012

Google Could Disappear in Five Years?

Remember MySpace and Technorati? Two of the biggest names on the net blew themselves out of the water... thanks to geek efforts that were totally out of touch with the people who loved their services.

MySpace turned from a simple interface very similar to early Facebook into a bandwidth hogging monster - so much so that netizens would go out of their way to AVOID landing on somebody's MySpace page!

Technorati might well have have been the Google of today, save for one dramatic drastic error: some goof there decided that MySpace pages were blogs (when even the dumbest dummy knew they were not) and the service collapsed from that point on ... known as the moment "technorati jumped the shark."
Facebook and Google are already on the MySpace/technorati path, injecting features and upgrades users don't really want or need. CNBC already suggested that Facebook is on the way out... after the jump, read what CNBC says about Google!

Google Search
Source: Google

Google may be on its way out as the dominant player in search, according to one analyst — and could even "disappear" in as little as five to eight years if the competitive pressures that ultimately claimed other search giants start to take root.
In the wake of a surprisingly weak earnings report, Eric Jackson, Ironfire capital founder and managing member, said Google Google[GOOG  681.79    -13.21  (-1.9%)   ] could easily find itself fending off the woes that eventually took hold at embattled Yahoo! [YHOO  15.84    -0.16  (-1%)   undefined]

As I have written before, when the "next big service" appears, nobody, especially not Facebook nor even Google, will see it coming. the geeks don't get it: most people want interfaces and services that are SIMPLE, load quickly, and don't shut you out if you haven't (or can't) download the latest craze browser.

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