Monday, October 22, 2012

House Rules

Hello Blogders! 

I think it's time to refresh the rules governing content on my humble weblog.

I try to bring you my unique mix of current events and pop culture as often as possible.

I welcome and encourage your engagement here.

If you've ever wondered why your comment disappeared, check the rules in the "FAQ" section of this page to see if you violated any terms of use.

What do I like? An exchange, a flow of ideas about news of the day; your personal connection or reaction to news stories; and knowing you like a story or the fact that I posted it.

What I don't like: Profanity, racist or homophobic slurs, and any other inappropriate material. Sometimes comments are otherwise good but if they are laced with "bad words" I can't use them.

If you comment on my posts via Facebook, know that the Social Network has pretty tight spam filters, so it will automatically hide your comment for my review if it includes profanity or all-caps.

Comments that are off-topic are off-limits, D'oh!

If you would like to shoot me a news tip, send a photo, or have a question of some sort, please send me an e-mail rather than a comment on a post.

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