Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Poughkeepsie Pirate Radio 102.5

Since 2008, 102.5 fm has been the frequency of choice for a pirate radio station in the Hudson Valley. (Screenshot below from a radio forum discussion thread).

You may wonder where the FCC has been since 2008 and why they haven't shut this down? Think, speculate, and draw your own conclusions, folks!

My question: Why, in 2012, with the wonders of the world wide web and the ease of setting up an internet-driven "radio" station, would anyone bother wasting time and money to power a pirate radio outlet? And if there is an audience for the material it is broadcasting, why isn't an existing commercial station, be it on fm or am, capitalizing on this and effectively "filling an obvious community need" by legally duplicating the service being offered?
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