Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RIP Hurricane Sandy

A candle is lit in memory of departed Sandy, noted "Superstorm"- that, if you live in the Capital Region or Saratoga, actually was anything and everything but.

A disaster? Yes. Devastating? Yes - down the Hudson Valley and especially in New York City. "Frankenstorm"? Eh, not quite.At least not in the Albany-Schenectady-Troy metro area.

Katrina was a real, true, deadly superstorm. 27 feet of surge. Sandy's 13 feet of surge was indeed quite a bit for the Big Apple to swallow. But Sandy was on the fringe of being a Category 1 Hurricane when it made landfall. The real superstorm was the superstorm of media hype surrounding the cyclone's arrival.

Local media outlets boasted 24/7 coverage, to the point of relegatng popular TV programs and sport events to tiny boxes on our screens, totally surrounded by weather information and school closings.But the folks down in Ulster and Dutchess counties are watching NY City TV channels, not Albany stations. Once Albany knew the storm was going to miss us, they should have toned it down a bit. (Radio is a bit different, when you consider the VAST coverage areas of WAMC and WGY).

I think it is Channel 6 that says "we're here to inform you not to scare you" or something similar, because viewers have had it with their fave TV shows being interrupted by weathermen who can't shut up about whatever is happening. D'oh, if we want that kind of coverage, we'll go online. We're not scared: we're nauseated by the overhype!

When a Sandy-sized storm hits a city in the Gulf, it's not news the next day. The way Sandy was reported, I'm surprised people weren't out buying all the rowboats they could find (let alone generators). And what happens to all the generators and other equipment that seems to sell out every time there's a local weather event? Just wondering...
Give us our daily electricity!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah - we got nothing - NY city got it alll - I feel bad for the people in Breezy Point where so many lost their beautiful homes

You are correct Dave - once TV knew we weren't going to get hit badly they should have stopped trying to scare us and they should have told us how we could help the needy in New York city

6 does have a weather guy or some reporter down there and at least Gov Cuomo is proving he is NO Barack Obama - he truly cares for us and stay is the city proof

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