Monday, October 15, 2012

#BAD12 :::We Have The Power To Stop Bullying

Will we take action? Across North America and beyond there are thousands of organizations offering programs to prevent bullying and cyberbullying. Seek out one near you, and join today! Happy Blog Action day 2012! 

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Amanda and Grace. 

The name Grace stems from Latin "gratia" meaning "pleasing quality," "favor," or "thanks."

The name Amanda is a Spanish baby name. In Spanish the meaning of the name Amanda is: Lovable, deserving to be loved; worthy of love.

Looking back at the wonderful summer I just experienced, I remember the day at the very beginning of June when I read the newspaper account of Grace Maney's passing. I did not know her or her family, but I wrote a post about her death on this blog: one of those posts that disappears after a day or two. In it I wrote "For every loser trolling the web for less than honorable purposes, there are a hundred wonderful people who would love to be, maybe even need to be, your friend." Perhaps the saddest moment of all: the others who left their timeless words carefully typed on the tumblr tribute page are gone - they've gone to live their lives - to experience happiness and sadness that comes with the human condition. Years from now will they ever think back, will they still remember? The warm Summer days passed quickly, and as the cold came,  word of another tragedy came too.

Amanda Todd died this week... Even for the ones among us who haven't had the best of times in school, life should never unravel like this. The B.C. Coroners Service has confirmed that a preliminary investigation into the death of the 15-year-old shows she took her own life.

Life at 14, 15, 16 is never easy - it is a time of growing and chaniging and of great discovery.her story is particularly heart-wrenching, disturbing, awful... and while we pause for a moment to remember and pray for Amanda and Grace,  let's also remember and pray for the many many missing children who haven't yet come home, and also for those whose last thoughts were probably about home... children like Jessica Ridgeway. Lord, rest their souls.

To those who had a hand in extinguishing these young spirits, I'll simply pass along the words my good friend Danny Everett told me many many years ago, words I never forgot: "What comes around goes around." Beware of your own soul and conscience, and if ye should have none, look out for digital vigilantes! They are out there... coming for people like YOU!
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Anonymous said...

imagine having these two deaths acting almost as "bookstands" to your wonderful summer! your post is a reminder that we should not only live our lives, but we should be kind and forgiving, and be attentive to the needs of others

Dave Lucas said...

@Anonymous - Yes - I think you mean "bookends" - I thought of that as well. And remember, no words or pictures or memories will ever bring these three kids back.

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