Thursday, October 11, 2012

Attraction Marketing VS Empower Network VS Traffic Generation Cafe

There's been a lot of mud being tossed around the blogsophere directed at Empower Network.

It's got me thinking about JOINING the Empower Network... heck, there's not much else I haven't tried! If I join, will you follow? Let's learn a little more about Empower, Ana and Mavis!

The gauntlet was thrown down by Ana Hoffman in the form of a link gift-wrapped in an email: (appears after the enhanced image below - original screenshot from an Empower blogsite)
Could MAVIS Nong be the MABUS Nostradamus talks about in his predictions?
says Ana:

"...would love to know what you think and check out the awesome cat fight in the comments! Would you take the m0ney or cling to your ethics? If you love the post and think this would be valuable to your followers, tweet/share the ish out of it for me, okay? Linking to it would help as well... See you there! Ana"

Is Ana really thinking of kicking off her own home-brewed version of Empower Network?

Meanwhile, before it can deal with Ana, Empower is engaged in a cage-match with savvy marketeer Mavis Nong, charging that Nong used Empower Network to obtain personal gain and funnel some of Empower Network's massive traffic. Yes, that Nong is a sneakey one! If you plug her name into Google or Bing you will also find that Nong continues to be associated with blog engage...

Whether it be Kikolani, Mavis Nong or Amy Starr Allen, these three gals are just gurus trying to make money! (As in YOUR money - trying to make it flow into their pockets!) *chuckle*

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Arjun Prakash said...

Sorry Arjun - your comment is way off base. You obviously did not read the article, because the link you want everyone to go to is already linked to in our post! Next time, please think before you comment!

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