Thursday, November 29, 2012

5 Things I am Really Sick And Tired of

(1) FACEBOOK constantly telling me "You may want to upgrade your browser." I don't want to. I refuse.

(2) Blogs that look like my 1st Grade Reader. They insult my intelligence. I can't view them for more than a few seconds. If I really need to read the content and I'm near a printer, I'll make a hardcopy. Otherwise, forget it.

(3) Link-baiting twitter spam.

(4) Email pretending to be my "final notice" that I'm a candidate for the "Who's Who" of blogging. Really?

(5) Spam commenters who are now braving blogspot's ridiculously deep capcha system to leave comments for me. Do they really think I'm stupid enough to publish them?

There are more things that bug me. These five for now are at the top of my list.
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Anonymous said...

Regarding # 2 - I click away from big print websites IMMEDIATELY because what I look at is my business - I don't want co-workers looking over my shoulder to see what I'm reading at work - likewise if I'm on a public computer or on my laptop at the coffee shop

mike said...

Darn tootin! F***in people askin me "oh, u cant see the screen" "oh, u need glasses" i am not a freakin idiot

thank you Dave u the voice of reason

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