Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Small Simple Project To Help A Family In Need

People have donated bazillions of dollars in droves for all kinds of charities and disasters. I'm not looking for any amount near that much. I'm not out to save an entire neighborhood.

A golden opportunity!

I'm not planning to deliver hundreds of meals or buy and giveaway fifty turkeys or anything like that. I will simply help make the Holiday less of a burden for a needy family. I'm not saving them from being homeless or hungry. I'm just giving them a gentle lift. They're struggling, like all of us, and that "little lift" is all they need for a brighter day and a better start to a New Year.

If you can make a pledge in this modest quest, that would be great! Any amount, large or small! A dollar or two from YOU added to a dollar or two from the next person, is all it would take!

I already have pledgie account that was set up as an avenue to help support my blogging, but, as it was not needed, I never pressed it into service. Now is the time to use this resource!

If you can help, please do so by contributing using the donation box.


Click here to lend your support to a needy family at Christmas via: Support The Blog! and make a donation at !

1 comment:

brianb said...

I hope nobody gives you a penny and the family has hot water and crackers for thanksgiving. If they were smart they would enter one of my blogwriting contets. Suckers!

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