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Bad Blogging Advice: Bloggers Spreading Falsehoods: Blogging Myths 101

Earlier this year, Amanda Kennedy wrote on her bloggerbuster blog:

Back in 2008, I posted the top 50 Blogger powered blogs - the result of extensive research and analysis into blogs hosted on the Blogger platform.

I'd love to update this list for 2012 to include the most popular and influential sites hosted on the Blogger platform.

Can you help by recommending your favorite Blogger-powered sites?

I'm specifically looking for blogs/websites which are powered by Blogger and which you consider to be popular and/or influential. These may be hosted on the subdomain or on a custom domain, and can be written in any language.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be ranking these sites "popularity" by analyzing:

* Inbound Links
* Number of feed subscribers
* Klout index
* Alexa Rank

And possibly other factors (suggestions are welcome!).


Obviously, the best way to accomplish creation of an ACCURATE list would be to get the stats directly from Google/Blogger - everyone knows that Alexa and Klout is B.S.

By the way, Kennedy didn't bother publishing my comment, although if you look at the ones she did allow, you'll see a list of crap that rivals the spam comments on Kikolani's blog! Not surprised!

Speak of the devil: I wote to the autor in comments this:

Hi Marya!

Blogging is journal-keeping is chronicling = fun

If you don't agree with that equation, you shouldn't be blogging. If you are blogging to make money, you may for awhile, but then Google or something will pull the ryg out from under you and you will collapse.

If you want PROOF that "Blogging is journal-keeping is chronicling = fun" read the complete Xiaxue blog. And yes, money enters the equation, but it's not the fake phoney "let's make money blogging" guru nonsense that has you using all kinds of plug-ins and SEO tactics an other time-wasting methods.

Oh, and Kikolani may have followers galore, but how much of the blog is "automated" and "guest-posted" - I've been observing from the sidelines and I see stuff that is either on auto-pilot or nobody cares to make the proper adjustments. But that's how it is when it's all about money.

Note: Above I was referring to Kiko's lack of policing comments for spam, even after I alerted her to quite a preponderance of such stuff.

In another blog posting, a writer named Rahul was dispensing more worthless advice.

I responded!


you've got the right ideas here - but - I've seen blogs go "forum" in comments - because of unique content and a very attentive blog author-owner. I can't recall the gal's name but she didn't use a single plug-in or other crutch to artificially prop up her blog.

CommentLuv and "top commenter" widgets are usually taken over by a small clique - check just about any blog that uses them and you'll see what I mean. THERE IS SOFTWARE that actually finds blogs with CommentLuv so people can dump comments on them. You can weed them out manually, but it takes time, because you have to check any and every URL that shows up in your comments.

As for guest posts, they actually can hurt your blog - many bloggers have been damaged by guest-posters (some of them seeming to be upstanding) who scrape content from other blogs. Google picks it up and flips out - suddenly your blog drops in ranking on Google and loses PR!

LinkWithin is wonderful! I'm sure the blogging gurus are sitting around right this minute trying to figure out a way to exploit it and ruin it for everyone else.

Blog On!

Next, a load of crap about "your opening paragraph" ::: Yup, I responded!

Hey Matt! There is a great way to DISCOVER if you are writing great "first paragraphs" -

1) Use the jump or "read more" feature on ALL of your posts. -place videos and infographics and other images BELOW the jump.

2) After you've written and posted 25 to 30 articles, start looking intensely at your stats so that you can see (a) what posts are ATTRACTING readers and (b) by examining follow-thru landings, you can determine whether readers actually CARE once they've read that first paragraph - assuming you don't lose them after the first sentence.

You see, HEADLINES attract readers (and search engines) and if your spiffy snazzy wonderful headline leads to a sentence without merit or an idiotic infographic, you have LOST a reader forver. Unless you re-design your nlog, the moment they see your header the enxty time - if there is a next time - they will be GONE! Trust me!

Blog On!

EVEN MORE Blogger BS ::: Another fallacy: this one from a blogger somehwhat hilariously introduced this way "This is one of the best posts by Lindaw Foreshaw". . .  Taken a look at your bounce rate lately? The good old days when a site had to load within the golden two seconds are well and truly behind us. These days if your site takes more than a blink of an eye to load up and be ready to go your visitors will be someone else’s visitors fairly sharpish. 

I  ANSWERED ::: NOT TRUE! Think for yourself on this one: how recently have you followed a link from Drudge or your local newspaper or twitter or facebook, only to come upon a verrrrry slow-loading page? And didn't you patiently WAIT because you wanted/needed to see that content? Your visitors will only "bounce" if your content is crap. And you can take THAT to the bank.

Whew! That's enough for today! See what I mean? All of advice "gurus" give is flawed! If you want to create a superior blog, don't copy others and don't listen to one single thing the blogging gurus tell you!
More good reading:

Discover what is the #1 Mistake Bloggers make and check out the virtual mudslinging!

And just one more little tidbit: COMMENTING on blogs is SO OVERRATED! It's not the godsend these gurus would have you believe!

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  1. I'm sorry my blog seems auto-piloted, but between moving, getting ready for a baby, and working with clients, I'm just a bit swamped.

    As far as comment moderation, I'm sure if you had as many comments to moderate on a daily basis, you would have a hard time discerning the spam from the legit people who may just not have a good handle on their English. I think I do a relatively good job. Of course, I do have my comments set to approve people automatically after their first comment has been approved which could be an issue.

  2. @Kristi - nice to hear from you - it might have been nice if you had written a blog post all about the moving, prepping for baby and working with clients - Xiaxue is preggers right now and blogging about it - you need to re-think that Comment system - some of these "women" who spam you are actually men from India, and it is RIDICULOUS that such an exquisitely presented and marketed blog is taken advantage of by these yokels!

  3. Hi dave - i used to comment on Kristi's blog - then i noticed i nver got a single visitor back from any of my comments - its those spammers - if no one can trust a link from one commenter, then everyone can' trust a link from any commenter. kapiche?


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