Monday, November 05, 2012

Facebook vs Anonymous Guy Fawkes Day: Battle or Bust?

Remember, remember, the5th of November. Hope you got all your Facebooking done and you've logged off for the day.

Hacktivist group Anonymous was reported to be planning an attack against the Social Network today - since it's some 5 hours later in Europe, the attack may already be rolling out as I post this article. Anonymous, it is said, is staging the hacking event on Guy Fawkes Day to support more than a thousand jobs being cut by fb's social gaming arm Zynga.

Coping with the crisis. Simple Directions:
(1) Log completely out of facebook - including your smartphone and/or other devices
(2) STAY LOGGED OUT - it's too late to change your personal information you've left there (Dummy!)
(3) Wait until you hear throughout the media (not just a single source - and wait a few hours after that) that the hack attack has either been prevented or has taken place before logging back in.
(4) I'd be careful if the attack was thwarted. Anonymous doesn't give up. And like a wet bee, will be twice as dangerous under such a condition.


(1) Get on facebook and REMOVE all sensitive personal data. Restrict your account to colleagues or friends or family or whatever you primarily use facebook for. There are many tutorials and youtube videos on privatizing your facebook.

(2) DO NOT leave or try to "delete" your facebook - your information will still be "out there" and you will have absolutely ZERO control of it. If you stay on with facebook, you still have the power to delete, hide and otherwise manipulate the sensitive information and pictures of family members, lover, co-workers, whoever, you were stupid enough to upload.

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sally brown said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the information. I've logged out and hope I've done it in time. Sally

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