Thursday, November 08, 2012

Write Yourself a SuperBlog!

Forget the lightning bolts being thrown at you from "guru" bloggers - all they really want is to con you out of a few dollars. Truth is, 99% of us are not going to be jetting around the globe or rubbing elbows with billionaires. Let the 1% - the blogging "gurus" have that kind of life - but don't pay for their stuff - they obviously don't need it!

If you are writing, taking pictures, podcasting, churning out great content, you don't have to pay someone and then hope their "methods" will see to it your talent gets noticed. Just write from your heart and soul, and be honest and true. Eventually. But if you want to hurry Eventually's arrival, Allison has written a wonderful article that appears on New Media Expo Blog that you can take to the bank (along with the money you'll be depositing once you become a stronger, more prolific blogger!)

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