Friday, November 16, 2012

Jim Morrison via Garage Sale

For 25 cents, two bits, one quarter, a fourth of a dollar, I procured this VHS at a neighborhood yard sale. With nothing else to do at the time, I popped it into the player, whisked back on a trip thru time. I don't think this particular VHS was transferred in full to DVD.

The most intriguing moment came somewhere around mid-tape. A segment from the Doors' final TV appearance in America, on PBS. Jim Morrison speculating on the future of music. He didn't foresee digital discs. Instead he envisioned artists working with TAPE. And it would be a new branch on the tree of music. He nailed it. Back then.

"I can envision one person, singing or speaking, using machines." ~ Jim Morrison, Time Traveler?

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Anonymous said...

So did Jim predict MOBY?

Dave Lucas said...

Maybe yes - by TAPE I believe he was thinking of sampling, as has been done so effectively by DJs and rappers... he certainly saw rapping coming and mixing as well. Nowadays one or two people using machines can indeed create, say, a song with youtube video and go viral.

Jim Morrison and those in his time had no inkling about the digital connection between music and the mediums it could be listened to through. When I wote "He NAILED IT" - that is what I meant - he had the idea but not the mechanics involved in making it all real.

It would be amazing if it were discovered he was still alive - like what happened in the Abbie Hoffman case.

Dave Lucas said...

er - that's WROTE not wote, wit apowogies to Fudd and Walters

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