Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meet Paula Broadwell and Barbara Palvin

Love love love is HOT HOT HOT across the search engines today, Sunday, November 11th...

So below are photos of Paula Broadwells's husband and Barbara Palvin, the model who allegedly picked up Justin Bieber's heart after it was thrown to the ground by troubled young star Selena Gomez. Will Gomez crash and burn? has she been Instant messaging General P? Inquiring minds wanna know!

Pauls B's website may be down (along with General Petraeus ~ *drum roll) but everybody wants to know about the hot reporter and the security breach that brought the Military Man to his knees... (Another drum roll) [these zingers were purely unintentional, folks!]

Broadwell first met fellow West Point grad David Petraeus in spring of '06

 Facebook photo of Paula Broadwell with hubby Scott.

NowPublic cites a Charlotte Observer article, Scott Broadwell met his future wife in Germany where they were studying to become ski patrollers. The two describe themselves as "adventure junkies."
Scott Broadwell works as a radiologist in the Charlotte area. They have two sons.
Continue reading at Who is Paula Broadwell's Husband? Photo, Bio of Scott Broadwell | NowPublic News Coverage

HuffPo tells us that Paula Broadwell's husband, Scott, is rumored to have written a letter to the New York Times about his wife's affair with Petraeus! Green-Eyed Monster ::: Investigators say threatening e-mails from Broadwell to another woman by the name of Jill Kelley led to the discovery of the affair, which was leaked at a precise time.  It ended the General's career.

Gawker ::: According to literary journals E! and Us Weekly, Selena Gomez dumped Justin Bieber last week. The two had dated for just about two years

Vulture ::: Gomez let Bieber Go Over 'Trust Issues'.

Rebound! ::: Bieber wasted no time coming back from the break ::: He was reportedly spotted with 19-year old Victoria’s Secret underwear model Barbara Palvin in New York City!

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Pussy Foot said...

Rank Hath It's Privileges!

Drink Milk said...

Why must we be so hard on beautiful Paula? She fell for a married military man - not a crime, for chrissakes! I blame Patraeus for cheating and question what he was doing with Jill Kelley that gave beautiful buxom Paula reason to be jealous.

Joleen said...

So it looks like Broadwell went "Fatal Attraction" when she thought that she had been dumped for someone else. Hell hath no fury like...

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