Monday, November 12, 2012

Petraeus Membis Woods Viswanathan

Last night, too lazy and too busy to look for a new pair of AAA batteries for the remote, I left the TV working in the background while I organized a few things and checked my Monday calendar. The TV show "Cheaters" came on - I hadn't watched this program in a long long time, and what pulled me in was the host's name: Clark Gable!

The Cheaters basically get a call from someone who suspects hanky-panky in a personal relationship. The TV crew follows the wayward partner around, documenting clandestine meetings and public appearances. Afetr a reasonable amount of footgae is filmed, it is presented to the "good" partner, who is then whisked away in the Cheaters van to meet and greet and catch the offending couple in action, usually in a very public setting.

Today the media is all fired up over the Petraeus Incident. But infidelity's not the only kind of cheating we're obsessed with: nearly every day a visitor stops by here looking for Liane Membis or Kaavya Viswanathan!

What's YOUR take? Why are we so obsessed With Cheaters?

1 comment:

Pussy Foot said...

No one is immune to the powers of the vagina.

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