Thursday, November 01, 2012

Pop Clips » 1 Nov 12

Nicki Minaj gives us publique 21-days of unprecedented all-access to her professional and private life in “Nicki Minaj: The Truth,” her upcoming E! reality series. Mr. North supplies details and links on Min's blog.

Beautiful Bride! Congratulations to one of the "pioneers" of modern blogging! Kimberlycun has tied the knot and (of course) blogs all about it!

NBC is the first US TV network to announce a benefit initiative in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Details.

Blogger Sopheap Chak reports that Cambodia is hosting BlogFest Asia 2012 which is expected to gather around 200 individuals from several Asian countries. The event in Siem Reap, home of the majestic Angkor Wat, runs through November 5th. Previously, BlogFest was held in Hong Kong in 2009 and later in Penang, Malaysia in 2010.

Radio Report

twitter hashtag for the event : #blogfestasia12. There is also a FACEBOOK page!

Pour découvrir le programme, c’est par ici.
Leurs blogs :
-> Kounila Keo : Blue Lady Blog, infos générales, points de vue personnels
-> Tharum Bun :, techno-geek
-> Ramana Sorn : GardenOfMine, analyses personnelles, religion, spiritualité
-> Sopheap Chak : Sopheap Focus, société, points de vue personnels

One more: It would appear that electric cars + water = kablooey!
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