Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Chase ::: Unlucky Civilians Dead

A guy on a bicycle was killed by a police chasee in Albany, a city where "acciddental victim incidents" pop up from time to time. According to published reports, the cyclist was struck by a truck driven by a dude fresh out of prison. The biker bounced over the hood and was pinned by a ladder rack on the pickup. Horrible way to go. Oh, and, WHY was the cyclist biking at 1am? It's always best to ride on the sidewalk if you are biking at night, and be aware - be VERY AWARE of all traffic coming at you from any direction!

Talk about being in the wrong place at precisely the wrong time - these come to mind - hope there weren't any others, but if there were please leave links and info in comments...

2004 ::: A score of Center Square residents and visitors witnessed the incident, as Officers Joseph Gerace and William Bonanni shot at an unarmed Delmar man after chasing his vehicle on State Street early Wednesday afternoon. An errant bullet hit and killed engineer David R.A. Scaringe, 24, who was walking along Lark Street near his home. Shawn Brozowski, 26, was also struck, but not seriously injured, as he swept the sidewalk in front of McGuire's Restaurant at Lark and State streets.

2007::: The Harry Carnevale death got a lot of coverage in local media - a real heart-tugging tale of a young lad destined to become perhaps another Spielberg, meeting his demise after being a Good Samaritan. Two years before the July 1st police chase, Albany County District Attorney David Soares had an opportunity to put Carnevale's killer in State Prison, but passed. In August of 2005, she led police on yet another high speed chase that went on for twenty minutes. Police say she blew through 26 red lights and stop signs and narrowly missed hitting 24 people. They charged her with 24 felonies and reckless endangerment.

When she got to jail, she allegedly told someone that when she got out, she planned to put two bullets in the judge's forehead. Instead, she eventually killed young Carnevale, during a police chase!

2010 ::: This is a "lights and sirens" example - with the emergency equipment on, the police were chasing down a lead about SOMETHING or SOMEONE - and the cruiser broadsides another vehicle - my guess is maybe the occupants had loud music on - and perhaps the police didn't bother cutting backon speed as they normally would at other times of day, going thru an intersection, for whatever reason... it is always wise to use caution and slow down at Albany's Madison and Quail - no matter what color the traffic light displays.
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