Tuesday, November 06, 2012

There's a Blogger (Sucker) Born Every Minute...

...and there are people on the Net who know exactly how to take advantage! People of the same mentality who would sell a starving New York City resident displaced by Hurricane Sandy a loaf of bread for $7!

Here's an example of an orchestrated pitch, a tweet (twitterspam dispatched this morning)designed to lure starving bloggers in, like a Venus FlyTrap!

The tweet above takes you to a page, that takes you to a page that - wait a minute - all it really wants to do is HARVEST your email address!

Again, the tweeter sent the tweet well into the morning of November 6th, knowing full well all that awaited a curious reader was BAIT.

What's that? You think it is an honest MISTAKE? Look at the "bridge blog" screenshot below between the tweet-tease and the email harvesting tactic - NO SURPRISE, eh! AND LOOK AT THE DATE!!!!

Yes, I know you can't click on the links. I don't want you to be misled! They didn't think anyone would NOTICE November 6th? Most likely they did research showing bloggers anxious to make money to put food on the table don't pay attention to dates.

As "Robot" would exclaim: "Warning! Warning! Danger! Will Robinson!"

FOR THE RECORD ::: I have nothing against making money online. I just can't stand to see people duped by devious tactics.

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Anonymous said...

Great work Dave! Unmasking these greedies for who they really are!

Anonymous said...


And then people wonder why they get so many spam emails!

Anonymous said...

November 6! An obvious scam! I wonder what happens to those email addresses? Was there any warning or any assurance that email addresses gathered would NOT be sold or distributed to other MLM or pyramid schemers?

A Concerned Friend said...

eeewww Dave - U R xing swords with two tough bitches - read this it may help


Dave Lucas said...

Thanks all for your comments!

I'm just trying to expose an obviously elaborate scam, and poor Kristi Hines is either unaware of it (busy her with her shtuff - as she indicated here: "...moving, getting ready for a baby, and working with clients, I'm just a bit swamped. ") - or - she is part of and party to it. And, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts,
most of these "gurus" back away when confronted (like Stepfanie who hastily erased her fake ebook "testimonials" after I called her on it)

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