Monday, November 05, 2012

Troy Carter Lady Gaga Social Media

Guardian ::: Here's a headline that caught my eye: "Troy Carter interview: Lady Gaga's manager on the future of social media" with sub-head "Knowing user behaviour spells success – and how a teenager's news-crunching website could be the next big thing."


Rule of thumb: anytime, anywhere you hear it said that something or someone is going to be the "next big thing" - rest assured, IT WILL NOT. [Especially when it concerns the internet and Social Media!] And, you can "take that to the bank!"

On the other hand, if it's anything trail-blazing, cutting-edge, earth-shaking, show-stopping and/or star-making, Nicki Minaj's PR crew will be all over it. Look in NM's direction for clues!

Let's get one thing straight: Neither Troy Carter nor his interviewer gets it - Carter is riding a wave, along with Gaga and Bieber. Riding that wave toward eventual insignificance. Sensations and sensational people come and go. It's the people with sticking power who carry the klout - people like Willie Nelson, Bill Clinton, The Rolling Stones, Betty White...

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Anybody remember that Roger guy who sang Dang Me" or those two kids rapping on the stoop who were going to be the next big thing or Clara Peller or George McGovern or The Lemon Pipers?
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