Thursday, November 08, 2012

Welcome to my personal, political WTF moment

Now let me try to understand: the greatest nation in the world just held a political election with massive turnout especially in devastated areas of NY Hard-hit by Hurricane Sandy. It was a really "close one." And because of that, mainstream media is calling us "a nation divided" - Really? I thought free speech and free elections were to be embraced.

Just the same way tv "meteorologists" try to whip people up to a frenzy to stock up on bread, milk, gas and generators, the mainstream demons are apparently doing their best to divide us.

Whether you are young, old, black, white, asian, hispanic: we are all ants in the same jar of western civilization. DO NOT let them fool you into thinking that we are not united. (Remember what they taught you in History class about "divide and conquer"?)

Yesterday I read and tweeted about an article I saw that mentioned three New Yorkers as among the cream of the crop considerees for the next US Presidential Election. Hillary Clinton. Andrew Cuomo. Kirsten Gillibrand. Three unique, wonderful, amazing candidates. No doubt at this moment Clinton and Cuomo may be, in the public eye, the most viable and marketable. Don't write Gillibrand off. Early in her political career I met her while attending a presser at St. Peter's Hospital in Albany. She has "it" - whatever "it" is - and I saw "it" shimmering around her, like an aura, when no one else did. And if you look and see how she has come along since then, I think you'll come around to my way of thinking!

The big question out there for Hillary fans is this - though she is definitely more qualified for a run for the Presidency than she was in '08 - will she once again risk being run off the road by her own party, as she was when then-unknown Barack Obama emerged from his Chicagoan political coccoon?

Andrew Cuomo has earned a reputation as a fellow who gets things done. He has evolved light years beyond the Andrew Cuomo who tiffed with H. Carl McCall. When he took officew as New York Governor, it was as if a benevolent version of Darth Vader had taken the reins. Not only has it been that way since, his attentiveness to storm-impacted New Yorkers has deeply marked those who he has helped.

Yes I know these are all Democrats. Where is the Republican party? Will the GOP be able to field a viable candidate by next election? Yes they can. (And, yes they could have this go 'round but instead chose Mitt Romney). And I hope they do, and maybe it will even be someone you and I can support and rally round. Because that's DEMOCRACY IN ACTION!

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