Monday, December 24, 2012

5 Top Ways To Drive Traffic AWAY from Your Blog

Many of the self-annointed gurus bloggers turn to for assistance have one objective: money. There's always a catch. And then, some give absolutely ridiculous advice. If you want to send vistors scrambling to get away from your blog, follow these handy tips!

1YouTube Videos - will slow your page load time down and the googlebot will stop coming by to assess your content. Readers in other countries will either see a "video not available in your country" message or if they are on a slower connection, the video will "choke" your blog out. That means a stalled screen on IE and Firefox and a "white blank screen" with a "done" leading message on Chrome and Flock. I do use videos, but sparingly. Or just link to the video. (And remember, even today, there are people still accessing the net via dial-up!)

2Free eBooks

Gurus believe that free eBooks will bring traffic to your site. They advise creating an eBook out of several former blog posts on the same topic and merge them into a PDF that you can give away on your blog. When was the last time you downloaded a free eBook. And did you ever read it or is it still sitting there in some folder or on your USB stick? I rest my case.

3Guest Blog

Hahaha! 95% of the gurus who recommend Guest Blogging are quick to point out they don't accept guest posts on their own sites! They even think of other blogs and bloggers as "victims" to be pillaged - here is actual copy from a blog recommending guest blogging:

"Most blogs will allow you at least one backlink in your author profile, which you can use to drive traffic back to your site... If they turn you down, simply move on to the next victim blog."

4Contests and Giveaways

when you see these happening on blogs, remember, you have to be in the "blogger's clique" or that golden circle encompassing a selected group of friends or "frequent commenters" because that's the only way and they are the only "winners" in these events - for example, two sisters in Malaysia each have blogs and hold contests where they or their friends "win" - the prizes are non-existent and never change hands. The tactic can attract up to 100 extra visits to the blog per day, and maybe 1 or 2 of those will get suckered in and keep returning. The gurus also recommend using software and plugins like Rafflecopter and Punchtab.

5Hire a Professional

If you are a hopeless boob unable to write an intelligent paragraph, you can hire someone else to write for your blog. This is only for the idiots who have bought into the gurus' promise that you can "make easy money blogging."

Now do you want some sweet FREE advice? Some time ago I compiled a variety of "helper" posts into a blog I created entitled "The One Minute Blogger." Definitely worth a visit!

I have also prepared for you a simple, SENSIBLE blogging checklist!

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