Thursday, December 20, 2012

Best Blogging and Social Media Advice FREE

The following article contains the "Best Blogging and Social Media Advice FREE" that you'll see anywhere this week! Compiled by Dave Lucas, you may copy and spread this material freely! Ready?

Don't be scared away by the wordy title "In between is the place where you have to understand people: Social science, stigma, and data big or small." The knowledge in this article [Skip down to #5] may be applied to blogging - it is up to you to extrapolate what YOU think YOUR BLOG needs to succeed (and of course that depends on how you define 'success')

The Simple Secret of Why People Share Your Content (or don’t share it) - "If the content is crap it makes no difference where a share button is located."

SEO - you heard of Google and Bing, yes? Everyone has their own Google story (or AdSense story, or Blogger story) Here's one about the POWER search engines have and how they wield it!

Then there's Social Media ::: (1) Be careful on twitter - don't be a TWIDIOT! 1 in 5 tweets generates more retweets than clicks. This suggests many people pass on a link without looking at it, and perhaps even worse, vetting it. (2)Determine where your social traffic originates and how it gets to your blog.

Now we come to the most important article on this short list ::: "How To Measure Your Blog’s Effectiveness" should be printed out [Click here for an editable PRINT version] and used as a checklist. Like any checklist, every single item may not apply to your blog, but it is an excellent barometer of your blog's health. After you answer the questions, go to the actual article to jump to links addressing your particular item(s) of interest.
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