Monday, December 17, 2012

Clues From My Coffee Table

Putting things into perspective entails having an open mind, meticulouly fact-checking investigative reports, theories and historical accounts. The world is in turmoil, religiously, politically and climatologically. Some folks dreaded the truncated Mayan calendar. Others look to the prophecies of Nostradamus for enlightenment. Well, I launched a search for answers all my own. I recently watched the Obama 2016 DVD. I've read a few compelling books (pictured on my coffee table) and I am currently reading Barack Obama's autobiography. I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I am getting to a point of understanding about who our president is and who is he is not, and why Americans of all creeds and colours have incorrectly projected their own interpretations onto him.

First and foremost, as you could tell by the tracks of his tears on Friday when he spoke of the massacred CT children, he is human, with a big heart. But if you could sit inside his head at the control panel for a few hours and see the world as he sees it, you would understand his anti-Colonialistic leaning, as depicted in the 2016 book and DVD. I'm not suggesting he is "bad" or anything like that. I am suggesting that due to his life experiences and the strong influence exerted by his father (channeled thru his mother), he doesn't think the way you think he thinks. The book and DVD offer a lot of insight into this, including a bit of analysis and explanation of why it may be so. It certainly provides an interesting explanation of the President's behaviour on certain matters.

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