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Dawn Yang Plastic Surgery Timeline

"Dawn Yang Plastic Surgery Timeline" and "Dawn Yang Timeline" rank high among phrases typed into search engines. So let's do a little exploring? Do lets! We'll do this in FAQ formation, but first have a look at this early timeline that appeared on a web forum:
Dawn Yang Plastic Surgery Timeline



Dawn Yang or Yeo or whoever, will soon be 30 years old. The blogger has fearlessly promoted herself. She is best known in Southeast Asia as "Plasticzilla" or "Plastizilla" because of her hundreds of plastic surgeries in attempts to look like her idol, Arissa Luna. O the plastic! It triggered a lot of spirited discussion!  YY is quick to inject herself into the news, and as we know, what's perceived as "good looks" always gets a person a "pass" or two or three or more. YangYeo even DENIED ever going under the knife! Have a look at Dawn Yang's deleted WikiPedia entry.


Several times since the mid 2000's, YeoYang has locked horns with another famous blogger from Singapore, Xiaxue.

Jul 26, 2008

What Happened: a blog war broke out in Singapore when Wendy Cheng posted unflattering articles about fellow-Singaporean blogger Dawn Yang / Yeo. Dawn threatened to sue Xiaxue over a now deleted entry...

Besides Xiaxue, Yang despises another local celeblogger, Nira Chan.

What's in a name?

One of the most popular anti-Dawn webpages can be found HERE. I also refer you to this Webpage, which is sometimes regarded as a DAWN YANG CHARACTER REFERENCE

Here is a photograph of Dawn Yang with a man described as her "father"

See what she looks like right now...



blog posts about Dawn Yang
Want to know more about internet sensation Dawn Yang? A great place to start is the handy dandy little search box provided in the left hand sidebar column on this blog! Look for this (see picture) and type in dawn yang, and you'll be entertained for hours!

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Anonymous said...

You're using Dawn Yang for hits. Pathetic.

Dave Lucas said...

@Anonymous - not true, my friend! I'm seeing a lot of scattered traffic looking for "Dawn Yang Timeline" and being directed to dozens of post on my blog here and on other blogs.

What I have done is to centralize the information in one post. Contrary to your statement, this particular post has only received 5 "direct hits" since it was posted. Judging from past experience, I hardly doubt it will attract a lot of hits.

What I plan to do when I have the time is to go through every post on my blog that references Dawn yang and add a resource box re-directing visitors to this post, so they can get a complete picture, and maybe, find what they were looking ofr.

Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

You are obviously Xiaxue's fan. Dawn is not known by that stupid name plastizilla coined by xiaxue. What did Dawn do to you to create such a blog post? Dawn may have issues with some girls but she is never mean to blog readers. Unlike xiaxue and her vulgar loud mouth.
Get a life, you pathetic loser. Go find something more meaningful to do in life than creating a useless blog post about an Asian girl that you've never even met in real life.

Jenny Toledo said...

I love Dawn Yange I think She rocks. I wishes I could have sex wif her.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous above jenny toledo:

girl? the bitch is over 30! she's no innocent miss! she's a carbon copy wannabeee of my friend Arissa Luna!

Dave Lucas said...

(Puts on Chef's hat)

Hello Children!

12:05 PM, February 22, 2013 comes from Ms. Yang herself! I must agree with anonymous #3 - you are no longer a "girl" and as I already explained, there is interest in a post like this just like people are interested in Kim Kardashian and Snooky. You are a celebrity, and so shall ye be judged and blogged about and written about in newspapers and magazines. This isn't personal. It's entertainment. Now act your age and move along!

Anonymous said...

Here's what WikiPedia had to say about Dawn Yang:
"Yang appears to be barely notable at best."
And then they deleted the entry about her!

There is also a reference that was deleted to her true birthdate, which puts her close to 35 years old!

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