Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Embrace The Snow

The word is the white stuff is on the way! One meteorologist mentioned the low-end blizzard is akin to a "small Tyrannosaurus-Rex" - imagine that! So I named the storm "T-Rex"!

"The way I've been describing it is as a low-end blizzard, but that's sort of like saying a small Tyrannosaurus rex," said John Kwiatkowski, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis IN

Welcome, T-Rex! You are here to inform us that Global Warming hasn't removed winter from New York's weather menu!

Instead of meeting and greeting T-Rex by going out to buy bread and milk (which you all will most certainly do anyway) I give you substance and song, and challenge you to draw power from this event! I have a little help for you in this wonderful blog post from Robert Mirabal! Thank you so much, Robert!

With each day we all get a little older (and hopefully wiser). Listen, the snow is falling!

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