Wednesday, December 19, 2012

EntreCard CMF and Adgitize blog ads are back...

...well, sort of... okay, kind of...

ARE YOU SEEKING TRAFFIC - QUALITY TRAFFIC? - people that may actually be interested in reading and interacting with your blog, this post is for YOU!

A popular blogger once blogged "As a blogger I believe in blog promotion and advertising, to generate readers and visitors to my blog. After all, what is the use of publishing content without readers? A reader is to a blog as water is to a plant..."

Three wonderful Blog marketing resources have faded into oblivion: EntreCard, CMFads and Adgitize all bit the digital dust for different reasons. Some bloggers used them to make money, others used them to make friends, while others used them to generate traffic.

Another blogger, (Kirhat) wrote "But, maybe the closure of CMF Ads, Adgitize and Entrecard presents an opportunity for us to refocus our goal. Maybe it is time to think seriously on how to attract readers to the site's content..." Yes it is and it is here! Your blog WILL have targeted, interested readers!

Seek No More, Kirhat & friends - I have the answer! Entrecard, Adgitize, and CMF Ads falsely inflated blog stats. I fixed that. It took lots of time to hop and drop and interact and sometimes you got nothing in return. I fixed that too! Real blog stats from INTERESTED and CURIOUS readers!

I came up with a unique way of serving ads in the old EntreCard/CMF/Adgi-style, with a little twist or two:
(1) People won't click on your ads and bounce just to get "credit"
- and -
(2) These are REAL ads, so, yeah you have to pay for them - (don't worry it's not too much) and full details are HERE (scroll down to "EntreCard CMF style")!

Seriously, this is the best alternative solution to all of those low-paying high-maintenance ad networks. All you do here is pay for your aid and then the visitors come to you. No hopping, dropping or stopping! As automatic as it gets!

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