Monday, December 10, 2012

Every Move You Make

Here in the USA, the FBI records the emails of nearly all US citizens, including members of congress, according to NSA whistleblower William Binney. In an interview with RT, he warned that the government can use this information against anyone. Binney, one of the best mathematicians and code breakers in the history of the National Security Agency, resigned in 2001. He claimed he no longer wanted to be associated with alleged violations of the Constitution, such as how the FBI engages in widespread and pervasive surveillance through powerful devices called 'Naris.'

Naris or Narus? Even this isn't quite clear.

No I am not paranoid. You are being watched, monitored, listened to, recorded. So am I. Yes, there are ways to take a step back so that you can stay wired but technically "off" the intergrid. Kinda sorta like those dudes on the "Person of Interest" TV program. In days and weeks and months to come the thread of discussion will be continued in the comments area. You are more than welcome to chime in.

Invasion of privacy?  THINK! If Google can scan every single website on the planet and update search results within minutes, don't you think that the U.S. government has access to bigger, more expensive apps?

Are you a VERIZON customer? Sit down, kiddo. Your beloved provider holds the patent for technology that can track you in your own home. You don't have to be online or on your mobile phone, either. Verizon filed for the application in May 2011, but the report was published last week due to laws stating that all patent applications be published after 18 months. In Verizon's case, they "get to you" via your DVR - at least that is the device the technology is limited to under terms of patent, for now. “If detection facility detects one or more words spoken by a user (e.g., while talking to another user within the same room or on the telephone), advertising facility may utilize the one or more words spoken by the user to search for and/or select an advertisement associated with the one or more words,” Verizon states in the patent application.

US cell phone service providers could be required to log personal text messages for upwards of two years if a proposal submitted by a group of law enforcement professionals can successfully plead with Congress.»more

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