Saturday, December 22, 2012

Facebook Changes Forever Not For Better

Some people just can't leave well enough alone. Facebook is about to change your profile timeline again. Apparently, a new look has shown up for a limited number of users already. If you have fb “subscribers” they will now be labeled "followers."

IMHO that whole "timeline" thing was a f*d-up idea from the get-go. This weekend fb is doing a LOT of experimenting, so it's basically anything-can-happen!

IMPORTANT! ::: Beginning on January 15th 2013, Facebook will be making some changes to their text overlay policies for cover photos and Page post ads and sponsored stories in the newsfeed.

Changes mandate that you can’t promote images with more than 20% text in them as page post ads, sponsored stories, or cover images. Facebook will be releasing a tool to help quickly determine whether your image satisfies the 20% limit.

This new policy replaces previous policies around “calls to action”, “price or purchase information”, etc.

The wolf-in-sheep's-clothing approach is a new one for fb - when I jumped on this morning, I noticed something different. It asked me, by name, how things are going. Really? I was tempted to answer “none of your f-ing business.” And they wonder why facebook stock is so dull and worth a lot less than it could have been! The Social Network has lately been taking a lot of foolish gambles and making a lot of odd business deals. That egg-on-face IPO will never be forgotten!

But wait! FB isn't done yet: Facebook's newest standalone app is called “Poke” - it lets people send photos, videos, pokes, or text Facebook messages to their friends that expire after a few seconds. The launch confirms a report that appeared via AllThingsD. Poke is regarded as DANGEROUS by some who say it will slip your private data through security (if there ever was true security on fb).

Unhappy and frustrated users of social media will only tolerate so much. They will leave as soon as something better and friendlier appears. Facebook is setting the stage for its own death. We just don't know how long before the wheels fall off, or what service or app will be the 'facebook-slayer' - in the same fashion facebook had once been called the 'myspace slayer.'

Mark Zuckerberg and cronies: you should have just LEFT FACEBOOK THE F ALONE - it was perfect, easy to use and effective - until you guys caught the “googlebug” of "if it ain't broke let's fix it" (which is why people now are constantly anticipating 'the next facebook').

In my recent post entitled "Relinquishing Control" I wrote “Facebook is pushing a lot of crap on users. Once of the most insane: auto-text!” Which may be another 'experiment' as some of my fb friends are experiencing this while others are not.

Related Reading ::: In the past year, we've seen Facebook try out a range of tactics to squeeze money out of its users - check out Want to send me a Facebook message? But you’re not my friend? That'll be $1, payable to Mark Zuckerberg. Today you're worth about $5 a year to Facebook; the Social Network would really like to see that number go up.

Is Facebook Becoming Irrelevant?

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Anonymous said...

The Empire Pokes Back: Facebook Turns Forgotten Feature into Snapchat Ripoff! Happy 2013!

Associate X said...

Every refresh brings up a new statement. For sure they are testing.

1. How's it going, #{name}?
2. What's going on, #{name}?
3. What's happening, #{name}?
4. How are you doing, #{name}?

Anonymous said...

If someone uses that new "poke app" on me, I'll be sure to have my screen shot button ready. =)

Anonymous said...

They have no RESPECT for the people who made them what they are.

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