Friday, December 14, 2012

Flash Mob Christmas

This little experiment is beginning to GRINCHIFY me!

Flash Mob Donates $500
If a flash mob can help a needy family this time of year, why can't I?

I started my own initiative a little while back to try and gather a few bucks to help a family in need this Holiday Season. So far all I've got is a comment from a wise-ass "guru" (you can read it HERE) - frankly, I am puzzled. A bunch of people get together in a prking lot in what could have been a scam and net $500 in a short time? And I can't even raise $50 via all the online readers and twitterers etc.?

If everyone from all over the world who stopped by this post on this blog or saw my tweet gave JUST A DOLLAR OR TWO - it would make a world of difference!

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