Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Forever, Not For Better

I mentioned yesterday in this article ::: Seems to me there's been an awful lot of unnecessary dying going on - from the NFL player who killed his girlfriend then himself, to the two local Shen kids who died in a horrific Northway crash. Slow down, be thankful for every minute you are alive. The next minute could be your last. There's an old African proverb that goes something like "you can leave your house in the morning, but you may never come back that night."

You can't help but wonder if the person who snapped the picture of the "DOOMED" man about to be killed by a subway train might have saved the guy had he not paused to take a photograph. But he could have had a telescopic lens and been farther away than it would seem. Or that train could be humming along God knows how fast.

I still think if you see a kitty in a tree, leave it there. It will come down. Or call a firefighter, or someone who knows the correct way to wield a ladder.

Here's a link to the Times Union's coverage of the Shen Memorial gathering.

See Also ::: Shannon Speaks: The 518 Movement – A Community’s Reaction to a Tragedy

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Anonymous said...

Sending prayers for all of the families and friends.

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