Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Head Pudding

Last night we sat down to watch the latest installment of Merlin. In this week's episode, we get the hint that this may be the last time Merlin (and we) see the faithful Dragon, who admits his "time is near." Merlin asks "What will I do without you?" and the Dragon responds "You will remember me."

A new shipment of carefully thought thoughts - "head pudding" -  is about to be published on this humble weblog over the coming days and weeks! Don't miss any of it! You have been advised!

How are things going for you in your life? How are YOU doing? Do you celebrate this holiday season? After seeing Bailey Wind on TV last night and reading the Times Union article - you gotta read it and connect all the dots with this facebook foto - yes, it is "blessing counting time" folks - I admire Ms. Wind's courage in speaking with the media after what she has gone through. You'll dab your eyes a bit after reading the article, the love story... I posted before about the love angle in this tragedy - a close-knit suburb suffers a tremendous loss. You really can't single out Dennis  Drue Toomer. It could have been anyone in anycar bumping the teens' SUV.  Fate would have it so.

SUV's are NOT the Supermen of the Streets that the media has hyped them to be. I saw but can't find online a magazine for an old Dodge sedan from the late 1930s in which a stunt driver deliberately rolls the car over several times and drives away. Those old behemoths would have survived the same crash in much better shape. So don't think you are secure from any harm this winter while rolling along in that big Explorer or Hummer. It may look like a tough guy, but you know what they say about looks.

Life is short - yeah, haven't we heard that before. How many right now are experiencing just the misery in their lives - the bills - the nonsense - the worries - and not being grateful for family, friends, education, job, whatever.

I seem to be into a pre-holiday philosophical introspective funk - crafting articles of a flavour I don't usually stay with - but whatever spirit that guides my fingers to write and type is apparently in high gear - so I'll go with this flow...
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